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When to Use Italics and Quotes

The following items should be enclosed in double quotes:


Item Example
journal article “Blues Lyrics as Historical Record: A Case Study”
magazine article “Kanye Does It Again”
essay or chapter in a book “The Beatles with Pete Best”
page on a website “About”
television epdisode (note this is not the title of the show!) “The Good Soldier”
song “Hey Jude”

These items should be in italics:

Item Example
book The Beatles as Musicians: The Quarry Men through Rubber Soul
newspaper Boston Globe
magazine People
journal Journal of the American Musicological Society
film/movie Country Strong
album/CD Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Beatles book above is a little tricky because it includes an album title. When an italicized item such as an album title is included in another italicized item such as a book, change the included item to normal type.

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  1. This is helpful. Thank you.

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