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Ukulele Resources

The Daily Ukulele This collection of 365 songs includes traditional tunes, pop songs from the last 100 years, a gospel song or two, and more. The diagrams of the chords used are printed at the top of each sone for easy reference. The authors include instructional material at the beginning of the book.

The Daily Ukulele (Leap Edition) Another 365 (plus 1) tunes in the same format as above.

Recommended Ukuleles

Want to buy a use? Here are the ukuleles that we use in the ensemble:

Kala Makala Concert Uke $69.99 on Amazon

Oscar Schmidt OU2 Concert Uke $54.99 on Amazon

Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Concert Ukulele Current unavailable from Amazon, but they have the Luna Malihia for $94.99

Gretsch G9121 Tenor Acoustic Electric Ukulele $219 with gig bag. Gretsch also makes a version without the pickup, the G9120, which Amazon sells for $129.

We also have two $30 soprano ukuleles from Guitar Center.

Ukulele Tabs and Chord Websites