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FAA 1320 and MUSC 168 – American Idol


Phillip Phillips, American Idol winner, strumming guitar

Phillip Phillips, American Idol winner

Phillip Phillips, the winner of season 11 of American Idol, has filed a claim with the California Labor Commissioner that challenges Idol‘s control over his career. Note that the article begins by referencing the Faustian legend, suggesting that he made a deal with the devil in order to secure his fame and fortune as a singer. He is now claiming that the company has engaged in unfair employment practices and manipulated him and his career. He essentially wants control over his own destiny. Idol and its talent management company likely feel he owes them loyalty because they have made his career possible.

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Where do you weigh in on this? Do you think he should be allowed to get out of his contract? Do you think reality shows take advantage of people when they sign them to these restrictive contracts? Do they owe anything to the reality show participant? What does the participant owe to the company?

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