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Welcome to the Fall 2017 Semester!

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If you are here, you probably are in one of my classes somewhere. Check here often for interesting information, notices, links, videos, and music related to the courses I teach. You can use the category list to the right to find posts related to your class. And be sure to also check out the Links and Miscellaneous tabs at the top right.

I encourage you to engage in a conversation here about the music we are studying. You can reply to my posts and add your thoughts, links, videos, or anything else that is relevant. You will receive extra credit for each thoughtful response you provide.

Please note that course materials are not on this site and you cannot turn in your homework here. For that, please visit the Blackboard site associated with the course.


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  1. Hi there,

    I really enjoy your blog. Are you still maintaining it? I hope so. I am doing a post about great resources for teaching music apprec (or any music survey for non-majors). But I don’t want to refer to your blog if it is not updated regularly.

    Additionally – would you consider allowing me to repost a few of your articles on our blog: We would of course refer back to your blog, cite you as the author (include your bio if you want), etc. You would also be welcome to repost any of our our posts if you wanted to. So long as you link back to us.

    One thing I love about your site is how student focused it is. Ours is more teacher-oriented.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    John Kline

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